What was once considered impossible, is now closer to becoming reality.
A new potential difference.

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Power Our Vehicles

- The .5-1kW Impulse Generators are small enough to fit into any electric vehicle, allowing for smaller batteries, lower recharge times and extended vehicle ranges.
- Automatically charge your vehicle when its parked, there is no need for cables, wires or any other remote devices.

Power Our Homes

- Home is where the heart is. Power your refridgerator, washer and dryer, computers and other household appliances with our Midsized 1-5kW Impulse Generators.
- For increased safety, all At-Home Impulse Generators have additional safety features.

Power Our World

- With Industrial Size Impulse Generators ranging from 5kW to our largest 10kw, factories, large businesses and other manufacturing processes can be powered with clean, reliable and green energy.
- All of our Industrial sized Impulse Generators will have a myriad of safety features, and can be "stacked" to acheive any energy output requirement.


Impulse Energy Technology will affect nearly every part of our day-to-day lives.
From shipping, vehicular transportation, home, business and industrial energy supplies and beyond, Impulse Energy Technology has the ability to change the world.


Greatly reduce our dependency upon fossil fuels.

  • Repair the Earth
    Mitigate the effects of pollution created from the combustion of fossil fuels.
  • Reduce Global Warming
    Provide continuous clean energy on demand to lessen our impact upon our world.
  • Power the Next Renaissance
    Spawn entirely new chains of innovation across various industries.

(OverUnity, Inc can enable governments, businesses and local organizations to reach their energy needs.)

Repair the Earth